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    I know I can't use a gsm treo 650 as a bluetooth modem, but is it possible for the treo to dial up my isp and surf the web using the handset. (IE phone calls my dial-up isp and I can surf the web on my treo.) I am about to buy one of these things but i dont want to spend $40 a month to get internet service through my phone. PLease let me know
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    Well yes, you can use your GSM Treo as a BT modem, I do it with my laptop all the time when I do not have access to a normal phone line. In CA where my provider (T-Mobile) has EDGE available I do it even if I have a phone line available, because the speed is better than dial-up.

    No, I am not aware of how you can use your phone minutes to dial to your "normal" ISP to surf the web. But with Cingular and T-mo implementing EDGE who would want to dial up at 28-40 kbps when you can get 60-100 kbps! And if you use T-Mo, at $20 per month unlimited access!
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    I was trying this last week with no luck.

    On verizon I got the pay as you go plan because...well...there data plans are WAY to expensive for my usage. What I wanted to do was setup my SBC dialup access on the phone, so I could use it for data if I needed to.

    So far it is looking like we can not do this
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    mine works...tmo unlocked
    goto network
    create new and name
    use wirelessdial up for connection
    enter the number and go...
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    Tried that. I get PPP timeout error.

    What ISP are you using? Running SBC here with no luck.
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    I am successful with Cingular using BT to Treo from the notebook. Speed only about 60K, even though in an area supposedly covered by EDGE.
    Mike Caldwell
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    I think we may not be thinking of the same thing here.

    What I..and I think the OP..want to do is dial up to our personal ISP dial up accounts using the Treo's internal modem, so browsing the web on the treo will only be charged for the minutes we are online.

    It sounds easy, just setup a new network connection using the wireless modem, plug in user name, password, and phone number, and off you go. My problem is that I get a PPP timeout after it connects.
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    Download PDAnet and go at it. Treo must be connected to computer for this to work. Also, firmware 1.23 upgrade includes BT DUN.
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    Menu ->New

    Service: type in the name for the connection.
    Connection: Wireless Modem
    Username: whatever your ISP username
    Password: your isp password
    Phone: enter the phone number to dial here
    click on DONE

    and you're done. This works with T-Mobile
    btw, the speed is really slow, i think it's about 14.4kps so it's only good for checking email and weather, not such a good idea for web browsing. It's also use your minutes.
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    What ISP are you using with the settings you listed?

    One thing I am trying to see is if it is a issue with some ISP's or if it has to do with something else that is causing the connection never to go (ie, script's)

    PDAnet is not what we are looking for, sorry.
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    I have been able to successfully set up a dial-up ISP for both PeoplePC and my ISP - For Verizon, choose Virtual Modem.
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    mine as said above works for sbc no problems....use it when i am in a area with no gprs and i still get internet...
    (centennial wireless as an example who has contracts with cingular for roaming)
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    I just did a reset on my phone and I get to signing on "Negotiating" but it drops the connection after that.

    If you got it working with SBC then I must have an issue on my end. Thanks for the information.
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    #14 it to work


    I added the following to my login script (Just copied from the bottom post of that page)

    Send CR:
    Send CR:
    Send CR:
    Send User ID:
    Send CR:
    Send Password:
    Send CR:
    I am now able to connect via my SBC account.
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    I have SBC but the treo 650 with Cingular.
    It tries to connect but then very quickly disconnects. Any advice?
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    I've been trying to get this working with several ISPs only to find that it doesn't even dial out! Any ideas why this would be?

    I went to Prefs/Network. Added the ISP log in info. Clicked connect. It says Connecting . Five seconds later the "connecting to Allvantage" dissappears with no connection. I then changed the phone number to my home phone only to learn that it isn't even attempting to call out. Is this another reason to "unlock" a phone? I thought thats only for SIM stuff.

    Any help is much appreciated
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    Nevermind... I found the problem. You can't dialout if you only have GSM service on your account. For Cingular, you need CSD service to dial out as a modem successfully. Yeah!!! It cost $3.99/mo. Add that with Allvantage's $5.95/mo and I'm paying less than $10 for dial-up. Woo-hoo.
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    Has anyone successfully connected unlocked TMO treo to internet using Netscape dial-up service? If so please provide the steps. I have tried with numerous ways even configuring scripts but it just gives me error message to check my set up and try again.
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    This is a really cool post. Now, it seems that everybody uses a Cingular or Verizon Treo. I am a Sprint user and I use SBC Yahoo! Dial as my home ISP and I can't get to work, it appears that I get a connection, but when I open Blazer and type a web address, all I get is "Sending". Do you guys have Sprint? Please help! Thanks a lot guys!

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