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    Left my 600 on the dash of the car well driving home today. It's about 80. Got home and phone didn't work, hit the power button and the screen came on for maybe 3 seconds. PANIC TIME. In fact the bottle of water on the dash burned my lips when I took a sip. Before you think I'm an *****. I brought it inside removed the card and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes. Worked perfect.

    Does make you wonder what would happen if you left it on the dash for a long trip.
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    LOL, its also 'cold' sensitive. I was in D.C. in Jan late at night for hours at a time and couldnt keep it warm enough in my jacket. It was losing battery power pretty fast.

    Good thinking though. I wonder if it would have been ok if you just let it cool down on its own?? Doesnt matter though.
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    Rapid cooling could have caused damage. I would have left it on the counter to cool normally.

    Think about pavement. Normal cooling and heating causes it to crack. If you do it rapidally. it will crack more severly.

    Putting it in the fridge once will not kill it. However if you did it daily you could do perminate damage.

    Something else to keep in mind. LCD displayes will become damaged if in direct sunlight for too long. I usually keep it in the console between the 2 front seats, or in a pouch on my belt.
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    (thinking) Why would you even place it on the dash?
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    wow .. that's nuts. Glad to see your Treo is back to normal.
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    I set mine on the dash for 5 minutes while in a conversation and holy cr@p! One of those oil looking spots right in the middle of the screen. It took 1/2 hour to go back to normal. Never again will I do that one.
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    I get that oil spot thing in the middle of my screen if I have had the Treo in my pants pocket for more that 20 minutes....
    Why is it doing that? It does take over an hour for it to go away.
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    Heres the thread on it from pdaphonehome

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