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    What would be the best PIM overall to use with the Visor Deluxe?
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    Action Names Date Book is my favorite. You can find it at
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    I have found InfoSelect very useful, and it syncs with the desk-top version as well. You can see a description at
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    Originally posted by Draugen
    What would be the best PIM overall to use with the Visor Deluxe?
    How about whatever syncs with your desktop PIM at work?

    I'll be more serious now. What desktop/laptop OS are your running? Do you need to synchronize PIM info across more than one desktop? If so, can you use the same PIM on each desktop? How much data and time have you invested in your existing desktop PIM? Do you need to share PIM info with co-workers? What about family and friends?

    Like so many things, there is no one universal best solution. What is best depends greatly on your requirements and on what trade-offs you are willing to accept.
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    Not to be stupid - but being a little new to this Visor/PDA thing - have to ask what a PIM is?
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    Originally posted by djpritchard
    have to ask what a PIM is?
    PIM: Personal Information Manager - usually refers to software that combines Contacts, Calendar, ToDo's, etc.
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    If you are talking about software for the Visor itself, try Datebk4. It is a more advanced version of the Datebook+ that is on you Visor now.

    It has many features and is very customizable. I like it because you can use its interface to access calendar, todo, address, and memos.

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