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    I just switched to Verizon from T-Mobile on the Treo 650. There are a couple of things that work differently on the Verizion 650 that I want to verify are correct, versus something wrong with my handset:

    1. On T-Mobile, when a second call came in, you could swap between calls (which works on Verizon as well) - and you could hang-up one call and not both - on the Verizon phone, the red button hangs up both calls (and the screen button says 'Hang up all'), so I assume this is right - is there a way on Verizon to only hang up one call?

    2. On T-Mobile, when a wired head-set was plugged into the headset jack, it would override Bluetooth, i.e., with a wired headset plugged in, a call is not transferred to the Bluetooth Headset - on Verizon, it transfers the call regardless.

    3. This is more of a CDMA versus GSM question - one of the things I liked about T-Mobile was the ability to move the SIM card from phone to phone...will Verizon let you have a second phone on the same line? That way, I can use my T650 for work, and something smaller for play.

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    1. I haven't figured that out yet. I've been stuck swapping.

    2. I don't use Blue Tooth. Sorry can't help you there.

    3. No, but you can call them anytime you want and they will let you switch it back and forth quite quickly. But you cannot have two phones handle the same incoming number at the same time.

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