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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    So.. No mention of what this "serious problem" is? Some incompatability with IntelliSync? My Cingular (with original Firmware) 650 works great.
    The fact is even if it was Intellisync driving the resets, the Versizon version is stable while using that program. Additionally, All three of my unlocked 650s crashed continuously without installing a single program. My overall point is that P1 or Verizon have provided me with a more stable, predictable device. There are issues with the Cingular and unlocked versions. They are all not software related!
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    My Verizonized 650 continues to be very stable.
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    Sorry to read about your trouble nXt. I can understand your fustration. The 650 is only the 3rd PDA I have ever owned so I cant comment on the 650s stability in general compared to other PDAs. My 650 is rock solid no resets and fast.

    Is'nt your story the same story that is told about every PDA by some one?
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    most problems are due to software not hardware issues, yes it's not perfect in terms of hardware but most of the problems people are having come from apps. Put up with it or get rid of it
    Cingular 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    most problems are due to software not hardware issues, yes it's not perfect in terms of hardware but most of the problems people are having come from apps. Put up with it or get rid of it

    So why all the fuss with firmware upgrades?? 1.21, 1.23, etc. If the hardware/operating system was stable, there would be no need for all the fuss. Yes, some of the custom ROM ideas seem appropriate; but overall it would be nice to see a lot of the issues fixed, such as call volume, random resets, etc.

    This horse is dead! I found my solution although it cost me a lot more than I wanted to spend (unlocked 650, T-mobile cancellation fee, Verizon 650 hardware purchase...).
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    Ok guess I'll have to do some replying.

    When I said I've never liked Palm Inc, PalmOne, etc.. I meant Palm's actual PDA. I LOVE the Sony Clie (That's why I've owned 5 different ones throughout the years), Too bad Sony decided to pull out of the PDA business, Sony was years ahead of Palm in Features.

    Anyways, Yes I ran the normal Cingular firmware out of the box (with the official voicemail firmware update) for a week and got resets so I went and tried the 1.23, no better.

    I do consider myself a power user and yes I'm using updated software. Not using any weird hacks and etc.. other than Butler, TreoShutter, PowerUp and VolumeCare, no DAs or Hackmaster stuff.

    Using latest version of LauncherX, and Avantgo, and Agendus Standard. Also using Versamail that came with it, but very very rarely do I actualy use it to send/receive email.

    Was using PowerRun, but have decided to just use the normal Palm way of using the SD Card... have the main app in the /palm/launcher dir.

    Other than a couple of card games that's pretty much it. I text, mms and use the camera a lot, so I'm always switching from one program to the next. Again what frustrates me is when I get a text message and bam, i get white screen of death.

    Anyways I still do like the Treo 650... but If I wasn't very tech oriented or have a lot of patience, I'd have thrown it away.
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    If your virgin T650 resets with the latest official firmware, you should definitely take it back. Some people have simply had bad hardware. However, try it for a while without the 3rd party software before you decide.

    The vast majority of T650's work great unless there is some sort of software conflict with a 3rd party app. Refer to the polls on this forum for evidence of that.

    Good luck!
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    Agendus has been known to cause instability in SMS, might see if you're seeing crashes in SMS Stub, known issue but might be resolved in the latest version.
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    If you want to like this device, that is, the Treo 650, I think you also have to be a bit of geek. It is after all a computer AND a phone. Computers crash, lock-up, etc. Bad or incompatible software makes a bad gadget a useless gadget. . .

    However, as I posted earlier: If you persevere with the 650 and make sure you have a working unit, install software programs a day at a time (or until you're sure they're okay with the 650 and its memory issues), you'll come to like this gadget.

    That said, Cingular and Palm have issues which they have not owned up to nor fully addressed yet, that's why it is up to your patience, geek-i-tude and need for a device such as this. If you had asked me a month ago I probably wouldn't have believed I'd be posting this. Amazing.
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    I switched to Verizon from Sprint (and previously Cingular) and there is no comparison. VZW is dramatically better in signal, no dropped calls, and DRAMATICALLY better customer service and tech support.

    This was my first smart phone. I started with the Audiovox 6600 which was my first PPC device after 10 years of Palms. I finally switched to the T650 after much frustration and I have been thrilled with the Treo. After a week I have yet to experience a reset. It works great as a phone and a PDA. I am finding the right combo of third party apps to make it work the way I want but not cause instability. So far I love Directory Assitance and I think I will love Profile care after a little more experience.

    My key decison was to dump the Palm Hotsync Conduits that come with the T650. All of my hot sync problems stopped when I switched to Chapura KeySuite. The cheaper Chapura Pocket Mirror Pro might have worked too, but I like the features and conflict resolution in KeySuite.

    If you are unhappy with your T650, you must:
    (1) Switch to VZW
    (2) if Unhappy with a VZW unit, call tech support and get them to fix it or go to store and exchange unit
    (3) Delete third party apps that are causing the problem.
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    No problems with the Sprint 650.. ROCK SOLID!
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    Search these forums for dbcachetool. Honestly, I really don't know what it does other than stablize my Treo...something about realigning the memory. Give it a try...just about everyone that uses it has good things to say about it.
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    INHO the reason for the instability is OUR fault. We want this OS and Device to do more and more. We have come a LOOONNNGGGG way from the Palm Pilot. My Old Palm Vx and even the Zire (original version) NEVER crashed. However they couldn't hardly do anything beyond their basic PIM ROM based tasks. Sure there were 3 party apps and may email (remember the Omnisky Sled) but not the GSM, SMS, GPS alphabit soup we expect now from a device. We are still bleaeding edge here with convergent devices. Give it some time.

    Still the best device out there.
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

    Mutley - Passed 4-18-06. A better friend one could not ask for!
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