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    this is probably a dumb question, but how do i convert mp4s to mp3s so i can use them on my treo as ringers? almost all of my fav songs i got thru itunes and they come as protected files, i guess. i just got ptunes and ringo pro this week so i'm still playing with it.
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    Aeroplayer perhaps?

    Otherwise, you'll have to burn them as redbook audio to CD, and then rip an mp3 off of the CD The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You can burn them to CD and then re-rip them, or you can run iOpener (do a google search) which converts the iTunes DRM'd files to non-encrypted standard MP4 files. From there, most any good converter can convert them to MP3.

    And before anyone gets up on their high horse and slams me for the suggestion, I firmly believe that anyone who pays a fair price for a tune ought to be able to listen to it anywhere they want, and not HAVE to buy an iPod from Apple. I have done this conversion many times. I will contend that it conforms to fair use doctrine.
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    Thank you rlwhitt. I do have an IPod too, but I want mp3 ringers on my phone. I absolutely believe that after what I paid for the IPod and the songs, and since ITunes allows multiple copies of a song to be made, that I can use them on any device I own.

    Bytheby, I tried iOpener, but I think my iTunes was too new of a version. I ended up burning the songs and ripping them. Thanks!
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