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    I bought an expansion card because my memory was full, but then I couldn't use the applications I moved to it. So my riend gave me ZLauncher, and I tried to move files to the card again, only now the file list said items were moved to the card that really weren't. So in a fit of rage, I hard reset my Treo and tried to start over by loading all the applications and such again. Except now, I many of the applications say they are not in the expected location when you click on them and from my email I can't open attachments with my Adobe and Docs to Go. My Icons I used for DateBk5 aren't working and I am ready to scream. Any help at all would be appreciated!
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    are you moving the items to the card in zlauncher by holding down the stylus on the app and then choosing move?
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    zlauncher can be tricky at times. I lost my splashwallet entirely .
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    I've seen the links to programs get lost.. I use the browser to browse to /palm/programs/zlauncher/apps/programname and move it to ram, then move it back again using ZLauncher (to recreate the link). Rescan apps I THOUGHT should do that, but doesn't.

    Only happened twice with 5.2.. What the OP is describing sounds a little out of bounds for ZLauncher, perhaps didn't read the manual.

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