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    i'm going somewhat nuts. if someone could help, i would really appreciate it.

    i just got a mac - powerbook g4 12" - for the first time.
    i have a treo 600

    i synced them... but it syncs with ical, not entourage.
    (and i think not perfectly in contacts also)

    and there's a huge amount of stuff here.. and i seem to have been trying lots of things.. and nothing works.

    if you have a treo 600 and successfully sync with all parts of entourage, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO DO IT??!!

    hugest thanks

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    My suggestion is to do the following:

    Back up your Entourage data: Before you do any first major sync'ing operation, it's a good idea to back up your Entourage database. Why? Because if you accidentally set the wrong conduit commands, you could wipe out your Entourage data.

    To backup your Entourage database, hold down the Option key while launching Entourage. Then simply choose the radio button that says Compress and Backup database. This will create a copy that you can the reinstall in case something major happens to your working database. As a rule, you should do this once a month or more frequently if you're an Entourage power user.

    Install the Entourage Handheld Sync. Go to Applications:Microsoft Ofice:Additional Tools. In that folder, launch the Handheld Sync Installer and follow the instructions.

    Set the HotSync conduit for Entourage: Once it's installed, go to Applications:Palm and open HotSync Manager. Go to the Conduit Settings menu and then double-click on the Entourage sync preferences to open a separate window where you can set this up for sync'ing with Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks.

    Important: Also ensure that you check the box that says "Enable sync'ing for these newer handhelds."

    If you have a lot of new data in your Treo that hasn't yet been sync'd with Entourage, then simply set the conduit to synchronize. Otherwise, if Entourage is full of data but the Treo's empty, I would suggest that for the first sync you instruct the conduit to ensure that Entourage "overwrites handheld." This is a one-time operation that automatically defaults back to "synchronize."

    If you're not using iSync, just remove or deactivate it from the HotSync Manager.

    Hope this helps.
    C D

    San Diego, CA
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    thanks for that
    but i can't get it to install the microsoft thing - says i don't have a microsoft plug in?
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    What version Office are you using? 1998, 2001, X, or 2004? Also, what is the exact error message?
    C D

    San Diego, CA

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