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    You think it could be an issue with Sprint's SQUID proxy server (assuming ya'll are Sprint users) that Blazer is using and not with Blazer itself? Perhaps compare HA IP addresses with the afflicted and non-afflicted users? I'm not having any issues with PHP pages being displayed in Blazer.

    That may explain the sporadic issues?
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    I have an unlocked Treo GSM. No problem opening the web page.
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    This is crazy -- no one has a fix?
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    I have this problem while downloading through blazer(normally .zip files) but not while opening web pages.
    Whenever I download any .zip files treo saves it to my 256MB SD card with file name as X.PHP. Even if I download any other .zip file with the previous file still on the card it ask me to overwrite the previous file because of having the same name (X.PHP) Yes there is a workaround by renaming the file first x.php file using fileZ and than download the second file so it won't overwrite the first file but it's so painful to move back & forth between blazer & fileZ.
    Don't know if this is being discussed before but really appreciate for any help.
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    For the last several weeks I've been having problems with Blazer prompting me to download webpages instead of just displaying them. This particularly happens when the webpage ends in .php.

    For example, I use a lot. Right now if I go to that site, and click the "Yellow Pages" link, it prompts me to download the mysearch.php page.

    This didn't happen when I first got my Treo back in February. I first noticed it about a month ago, and now it happens all the time.

    Anyone else see this problems? Any resolutions floating around out there?
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    This happened to me as well. I restored from backup to fix my problem. There was a thread here that discussed it and found no answer, but suggested deleteting the Blazer preferences file. Doesnt look like no one wanted to try that, or if they did they didnt report back.
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    this also happens when trying to go to side why are you going to instead of directory assistant?
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    I deleted DA a while back when it gave me some errors. I need to go get the latest version, just haven't taken the time. For now works fine, except for this PHP thing now.

    I used FileZ to delete Blazer History, Bookmarks, CacheHistory, Cookies, and all Autofill files. That didn't help anything.

    I didn't see a file for Blazer Preferences, how do I go about deleting those?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jszobody
    I didn't see a file for Blazer Preferences, how do I go about deleting those?
    Close the"View and Edit Files" function of Filez, and tap "View Preferences" instead. Then look for and delete the Blazer preferences in both Saved and Unsaved Proferences.
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    Thanks jetkins. I got rid of the preferences, but I still have the 'download' problem. Arggg...
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    I had the same problem and tracked it down to sied, a text editor, mapping the php association to itself. I deleted this association and now php pages function properly. There must be some sort of default association that exists, because my Treo does not have a php assocation at all now, but the pages open in the "Web" application. Does anybody have more information about the how these "default" associations work on PalmOS?

    I fixed it with Resco Explorer, available here:

    Read the pdf manual available from the downloads page and search for assocations if you need some instructions on how to use the app. Just delete the php assocation or make the "Web" app the primary if you have multiple applications to choose from.

    Does anybody know of a free asoccation editor?
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    I have SiEd, and it didnt remap php to itself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    I have SiEd, and it didnt remap php to itself...
    I didn't have the problem until I rebuilt my Treo with the Sprint update back in March. I downloaded the newest versions of everything, including siEd vers 0.9.11. It was only after reinstalling all of my apps that I noticed php pages wanted to be saved instead of displayed.

    I am guessing that the .php association is relatively a new thing with siEd. There might be other applications that grab that extension as well too.
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    Wooo hoooo! Thanks psylon! I didn't even bother messing with Resco, I just blew away SiEd. It's a nice text editor, but I don't need it that much.

    Problem fixed.
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    SiEd was definitely the issue here. I deleted it and the problem disappeared.
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    Deleted! I love your all.
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    Good to hear of some progress on this... I've actually done quite a bit of testing and determined that after a hard reset I can browse PHP pages fine. Once I restore my user profile, PHP pages prompt for downloading. Even more confusing is the fact that I use index.php at my site for the root document- browsing (which displays index.php) works fine. But if I browse it prompts for download. So it's extension specific and probably not browser related.

    So, I kicked SiEd to the curb but was still having the problem. I ran Cleanup and found 2 "Unsaved preferences" and 2 "Backed-up preferences," which I deleted. A soft-reset and a Blazer cache clear later, I'm up and running.

    Just wanted to say thanks- I was pretty frustrated. On the SiEd webpage there's a bug report registered with the following description
    The application automatically registers itself as a handler for C,CC,CPP and PHP files. There should a preference window where the user can select for him/herself which filetypes should be associatied with SiEd. I found the problem because the PHP association disabled access to PHP pages in Blazer 4.0 on my T5
    so I added a note about the issue and a link back to TC.
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    Just remember you guys can edit the assocations on the Treo. SiEd is a decent editor that is nice to keep around for text files. See post #32 for how to keep SiEd, but delete its .php association.
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    Thanks Psylon. I can't find a decent (freeware) ftp app for the Treo, and HTML /PHP via FTP was my only intended use for SiEd, so it was easy for me to write it off.

    Good news. I just picked up the USBBT100from Linksys, and I'm now connected via DUN at Friday's, working on a bigass Margarita. Woot.

    PS. Bandwidth Speed Test reports a 382k connection (I used the ISDN option, using dial-up it told me that the speed was either too high or too low) and Firefox's 'Bandwidth Tester' plugin reports 100k.
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