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    I just picked up my refrib 650 from the Sprint store and they did not give me an installation CD. They said they did not have any in stock but I could download it from Palm. Not true! Palm does not have the 650 software available for download. The Palm rep said that they could leave a note for the manager and they would review it and give me an answer by end of next week. UNACCEPTABLE! Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Did you try the sprint PCS website? OR you can have the Sprint store you went to call the next closest location to see if they have any. Also, try or google search won't hurt to try...
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    Palm Desktop for the T650 is available from Palm, but from their developer site, not the general public site. Try searching this forum - it's been discussed several times before.
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    I think the info on it is here
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    Not trying to be grouchy, but you'll have a better chance of finding solutions to your problems if you use thread titles like "Need Sprint Installation CD Software" instead of just "Help!". . .

    Good luck!

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