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    For some strange reason, Hotsync is getting hung on "synchronizing calender". It just sits there for forever, never giving an error message, and never stopping. Any soggestions on how to get it working again?
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    I have this same problem with both tasks and now calendar... really irritating, to get it to sync without calendar you can setup a custom sync and have calendar do nothing... it wont hang then... but hey, I cant sync calendar or tasks... Im starting to wonder if I have anything left to sync.
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    Maybe we should try uninstalling Palm desktop? Does anyone know how to fix this? Its truly baffling me.
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    I had the same problem and spent time w/ Support at Palm & Verizon... The Palm tech did say that there were problems w/wireless sync, so...

    I found a fix that worked for me:
    It seems that the problem was with the Wireless Sync. I disabled everything in the wireless sync setup and did a soft reset. At first, I still had the problem with the calander sync, but after about 10 minutes, I tried again and Poof! My problems were solved. It's still working after 1 week. I don't use the wireless, so it's not a problem w/me.

    Hope this helps!

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