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    I don't know how long this has been out. Likely for months but for those who use it may want to know that an update (ver. 2) is available that synchs with MS Money 2001. This little proggie is a godsend.

    For anyone who is looking for a Palm/PC financial suite, this combo beats all in my opinion.

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    Did you just buy version 2.x or did you upgrade from 1.x? I have 1.x and it costs $20 to upgrade. I wasn't going to do it, but now I've ordered Prism & thinking about it(2.x is color). If you've used 1.x, is it worth upgrading?

    Also does your 2.x work with bill reminder? My 1.x does not subtract bills (from Money 2000 desktop) even if I enter, and bill remider icon keeps showing up on my sys tray.
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    Yeah I'm also looking for Palm Financial suite. I use Quicken right now but I'm looking to move to Money.

    Do you think Money is worth the money?

    Oh Taki, just do what I do, don't pay bills. It's SOOOOOO much easier. You just have watch out the window for when the power guy comes to shut you off, then try to act crazy and usually he will get scared and just leave. Works for me.


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    I think Money is well worth the money. They do free update fairly often. I really like auto-complete feature, too. Since I got Ultrasoft Money, I rarely use MS Money(even though it works *almost* seamlessly with the desktop program). It's much quicker to record everything on my Visor than booting up Windoze and start Money desktop.

    It's not free but probably it's much less than the amount you save by scaring power guys off
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