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    I did a search and only found a small handful of people using a MOBO or similar wallet case.

    Anyone still around that uses a wallet case?

    TreoCentral store sells the MOBO that looks pretty good, but there are no photos that show the front side, so I have no idea how easy it is to access & use the Treo w/the case.

    Anyone out there? I am looking for something that will hold CCards + cash and am open to other ideas.


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    Check this seems to have more pictures of it.
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    I like the idea but I wonder how good the velcro holds the side that has the belt clip?
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    I like the idea but I wonder how good the velcro holds the side that has the belt clip?
    that's exactly what I was thinking. my friend just got one so I will check it out...
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    Thanks for the link, t2gungho

    Better photos, all on one page, and a good sale price. I like the idea too. I am wondering about how it opens up in the front (still no photo of that) and what kind of access there is. I like to use the stylus, so this could be a problem.

    I am on the lookout to combine my wallet and Treo and have only started, so I will see what else is out there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by donric609
    that's exactly what I was thinking. my friend just got one so I will check it out...
    I mean, I have a treo to get rid of carry a phone and a pda. If I could use that case, then I can carry my treo and leave my wallet at home I guess I can start leaving my watch at home too

    Let us know how well it works out.
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    I started leaving my watch at home a while ago

    (Always used my PDA LCD) So if I get this or something similar, it would mean I would have to wear a watch again!
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    The clip is on the flip side of the "wallet" that's attached using the velcro. I see the velcro coming off and the treo flapping around your waist.
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    I had that case and I think it is cool that it has a wallet built-in, but even though it has 4 card slots, it can only comfortably allow 2 cards (credit card and license, etc) and maybe a few $ bills that's folded up. Otherwise, the velcro doesn't close well.
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    just to go against the current....I particularly like front pocket wallets for stuff and then a dedicated case for Treo (I would HATE TO LOSE my credit cards and dirver's license if my phone happened to be jarred from my belt or stolen):

    You can get them at big type department stores like Foley's (in the South), Lord and Taylor (in the East), and Carson Pirie Scott (in the Midwest).
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    I bought this case several months ago .
    Appears attractive as it has a distinctive style.
    Leather is average . Smells like it was dipped in petrochemicals.
    The card wallet is good for 2-3 cards. If you put more cards there is a distinct bulge and pressure on the velcro. The card pockets are not to deep. I was always afraid of dropping the card.The clip has a cheap metal attachment at the tip. Treo remains secure ,however the new case is tight and removing the phone can be painful at times .
    Overall not bad for the money , but do n't expect to leave your wallet home after buying this case. I used only for few days and went back to my palmone side case .
    I think there a thread on this case few months ago
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    Any thoughts on this case:

    I like the idea of not having to take my treo out of the pouch. It seems a little tall though- so it may be too big (but at least you can keep more than two cards in it)

    It looks like you'll have to take the treo out to snap a picture though...

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