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    I installed the two ibm java files as directed by palm's web site. I try to quick install to the internal card and it won't take.

    I try to install them from the sd card to the applet using it's install program. No dice. I try blazer, they seem to install but don't show up. SAve and install, nothing happens except is goes back to the main screen.

    This is mobiqix.jar and mobiqix.jad.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    I guess this is a dumb question?
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    No, this is not a dumb question. You should understand that java applications are not native to the Palm OS. You will need to install the Java runtime environment on your Treo before you can run these applications. I believe it is named "IBM Websphere" that is available on the PalmOne website. I have not installed that on my Treo as it is running very stable and I don't need the headaches from new applications. I hope this helps.

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    well i install the program of IBM Webshere and i unable to run some java programs, also can someone tell me how to install a file that i found on this web page this file is for the visual communicator that works on sonyericsson and nokia phones, also this file is available to be used on java capable phones and i guess, that since the treo 650 is able to run java apps i could use it to make this application work on my phone

    thanks,, to anyone that can answer my post

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