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    When I first received the device I checked the memory 22.6M out of 23.8. So I programmed my phone with all my settings, personal info and contacts. Iíve bee using my device for 2 months now and I noticed that the memory was depleting. When I first looked in the memory manager the mail shows 6K and on the records tab it showed N/A. After using it for two months those numbers have increased to 196K and 514 records. Now to this point I have performed a soft reset, hard reset (power button + reset button), and a factory reset (K + Backspace + reset button). All three reset have freed up no memory on device and it continues to rise after every email sent or received, every MMS sent or received, every contact added or removed, etcÖ

    Looking at whatís going on it seems that the device is caching the information some where and I canít get it cleared. I have spoke with other Treo 600 users and they are experiencing the same issue. One even had this issue so bad that he has been through three devices in a 6 month period and the issue continues to happen.

    So my question is: Does any one know if there is a patch to install or a different solution in which I can use to clear out this memory??

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    Well, a hard reset should have freed up memory since it pretty much wipes everything out.

    The issue with the Handspring mail client not cleaning up after itself (usually related to "sent" messages) is an old one. The only resolution there is to periodically delete that ever-growing mail file, which requires you to reconfigure your mailbox. Best bet is to delete it, configure your mailbox from scratch, then back this file up to your SD card, so when you have to repeat the process you can copy this file back and not have to recreate your mailbox settings from scratch.

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