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    I have a Treo 650 and everything is fine. Now I am trying to install the software for my LifeDrive and I get the following error message "Beim Versuch, die Datei c/windows/Installer/palmone.msi zu lesen ist ein Netzwerkfehler aufgetreten" (which means: the file "c/windows/Installer/palmone.msi" cannot be read, network error).

    It seems the installation software of a Lifedrive cannot be installed on top of a Treo 650. Any ideas?

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    This is a Microsoft installer bug.

    go here;en-us;290301

    and download this and you can choose PalmOne desktop and have it "clean" the file.
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    thanks for the info. are you sure it does not destroy the 650 installation?
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    Thanks, your answer was the solution. It worked. However documents2go got messed up and I spent a long night getting both snycs (Treo 650 and LIfedrive) work without error. Now it is great, but really, you need to be very enduring.

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