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    I have 3 cards that I need to carry with me at all times. what solutions do you all have?
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    I have a PalmOne Horizontal Belt Clip Case. I carry the Treo 650 on my hip everywhere I go. I also like the feel of just the Treo when I am using it. So this is my perfect case. I made it more perfect by fashioning a pocket on the end underneath where the antenna sticks out. Perfect width and depth, and the antenna keeps the cards from popping out of the pocket.

    My implementation was pure McGyver (sp?). I cut a piece of black leather from an old case to fit the U shaped space -- then I used black electrical tape to hold that to the corners of the Treo case. Mostly unnoticable. Holds 3 cards.

    Cheers, Perry
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    get a higher capacity card.
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    In my handbag in the original plastic cases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linc
    get a higher capacity card.

    Got a 2GB and a 1GB !!
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    i have a T66 and soon (most likey) a Magnum Innopocket...the T66 has a push slot and the Magnum has 2 slots. However I wish neither came with holders. I have a 2 GB card and thats all I need..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianne
    In my handbag in the original plastic cases.

    Well, that solves the problem for 1/2 of the population . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    I have a case that says it holds 6 cards that came withthe free Atari Retro card that I got from MDM for a promotion a while back. I'm assuming that all of MDM's software on mmc cards come with the case but I don't know.

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