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    Isnt there a way to use BC (may be by some other name) when you dont have sprint? I have Verizon now, but I miss that BCPE gave me a link to a folder and I was able to get a hold of my company contact list.

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    7 is the company that supplies BCE to Sprint. Traditionally you cannot purchase directly from 7 but through carrier. Although it looks like they are comming out with a personal edition.

    Personally, if your doing this through your company and use exchange -- go with GoodLink.

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    Personal Edition is what they call the client that Sprint and Cingular use. I don't think they are going to sell it directly to users. You can try to sign up as a beta tester. If accepted, you will have the same access you had with BC, but will be using Seven's Servers instead of a Sprint branded server. Here it the link to apply to be a beta tester:
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    I've used Business Connect when I was a Sprint customer, and now that I'm a Verizon customer, I use Wireless Sync. check it out at - I much prefer Wireless Sync to BC. See what you think.....
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    Ive used both and I like some of the features that BC has over WS. WS is more stable though, the server side of it that is.

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