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    Hello, I am looking for a Verizon user who has a serial cable (doesn't matter if it's a real verizon phone or a hacked sprint one). I'd like to get you to pull the latest VZW prl off the phone and send it to me. This is very easy to do if you already have the cable... Just let me know if you need instructions and I'll post them up. I'd like to get this to look into a forced roam method for sprint people...

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    hey Shadow,

    Let me know how to do it. I have both the hacked cable and a Verizonized T650. Just PM me.
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    Same here. Let me know. More than happy to help.
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    Awesome, download the program from:

    then, run it, with cable connected to phone and ##diag entered on the phone (just like when you were hacking it)

    Then select the phone and connect to it

    Read from phone

    Then save to disk, and remember where you save it...

    Should be a file there now with a .rl0 extension... That's what I want!
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    I love it when Shadowmite gets more time on his hands!
    What Verizon things do you have planned for us 'mite?
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    Hey Shadow,

    With the software you provided, I couldn't see my phone on the list. Is there another way from me to access the phone? I assume what you mean by ##diag is the ##3424 Passthrough function to access the phone? As you can tell, I am just a beginner at this.

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