So... I've got a crashing problem and it's not at all clear weather it's the ROMs or one of the many applications I have on the unit. Complicating the issue, I've upgraded from a IIIc to a Treo 600 then to a Treo 650 --- so there's even the possibility that some file from long ago is hosing the whole thing.

Now... FileZ (useful little app) seems to have a fair handle on preferences. I deleted anything I didn't understand ... and in general, that helped a bit. Had to redefine ring tones and such, but I'm not complaining.

However, the files on the palm are another story. Much more complicated to figure them out. There is a 4 character "creator" and a 4 character "type" ... but these don't seem to be used with any regularity ... which is frustrating.

I don't use windoze regularly ... so my hotsyncing is generally with pilot-xfer ... so I'm dealing at the file level ... not at the database level.

How do I even know which files I need to push onto the treo for the (say) contact database or datebook application?