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    I knwo there are tons of threads around about using your laptop/desktop as a BT network relay point so you can surf the web using your Treo. But has anyone worked this backwords? IE use the BT connection to allow your laptop/desktop to surf the web via the GPRS connection?
    I had a program for my Treo 600 that allowed my laptop to surf the web on it, when connected through the dongle. I havent seen a version for the 650, and I was wondering if it could be done wireless. I searched aroudn for a while but didnt find anything, So if a thread does talk about this can you shoot me a link and lock this topic. Thanks.
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    That is the definition of BT DUN. Reverse DUN allows the Treo to surf using the Desktop/Laptop. BT DUN allows the Laptop/Desktop to surf using the Treo.

    Search on BT DUN or see

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