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    found a 2000 mah battery on ebay for $20. a 2200 is about $60. Is the extra $ really worth it? How much more time will I get with the 2200?
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    Well, 200 is 10% of 2000, so you can expect about 10% lower battery life.

    BUT, I have to wonder about a $20 battery. Yes, the markup on the $60 batter is fierce, but how well made is the $20 one? Is it really 2000mah, or actually much lower. How long will it last? To some extent, you generally get what you pay for. And I think there have been some cases of cell phones catching fire due to defective 3rd party batteries.
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    I have to agree...I would stay away from batteries that don't come from Palm. There have been a lot of cases where cell phones have caught on fire because of these poorly made aftermarket batteries.

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