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    Has anyone experienced the following:

    My Treo650 contacts get dupes when I HotSync.. I went through and deleted the dupes in outlook, and then sync again, and some dupes reappear.. in other cases if I update a contat in Outlook, then HotSync, the Treo gets dupes.. (and deleting tons of Dupes on the treo is NOT FUN)

    I am using:
    - VZN Treo 650
    - VZN WirelessSync (using PC Monitor redirector app)
    - Outlook 2003 / Exchange 2003
    - have Palm Outlook Conduits installed.. (how can I tell which version?)

    I don't even want to bring add the complexity of syncing with another Outlook 2003 instance on my home pc, until I can get this squared away.. I have tried dbScan (from makers of DateBk5).. no problems found).

    Duplicates are driving me nuts.. anyone.. help.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    - Sean

    Verizon Treo 650
    - Versamail for Exchange Mail & Calendar / Yahoo / GMail
    - VZN Wireless Sync for my Exchange contacts..
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    I had a similar problem and found this forum thread to be very useful.

    Best of luck.
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    My calendar wouldn't hot sync at all and all the Palm One Tech support fixes didn't solve the problem. I finally switched to chapura and that fixed everything (plus gave me better conflict resolution choices). If money is no object, go to chapura Keysuite. If you need to scrimp, go with Pocket Mirror Pro or possibly Pocket Mirror.

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