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    I'm going to try and cut a long story short here:

    I'm in the UK and the 650 only just became available here because of Orange's incompetence, so I've only just upgraded.

    I had my 600 for 18 months and used it for email more and more over the last 8 months or so. Over that time I learned to loathe the Treo 600 mail application and all it's crappy defects. I hated it's lack of decent failure modes (ie not telling you that it couldn't contact the server, simply displaying no new mail) and lack of IMAP support. I trialled Snappermail and found it to be superior in every way, but wasn't willing to spend the money on software for a phone I wouldn't have much longer. Also due to that same incompetence on Orange's part it wasn't clear if the 650 was going to be available in the UK at any time.

    Now I have my 650 and I thought I'd look at getting snapper. But actually, a lot of the things I hated about the 600's mail app appear to have been fixed.

    Now, I'm not saying that Snappermail isn't better than Versamail, but is it ENOUGH better to merit the cost? What advantages does it have over versamail? Has all this been gone over before, and if so, where? Please advise, as a Snappernoob, I'm feeling like there's a lot of folks out there with WAY more Versamail and Snappermail experience than me who might have valuable input.


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    Like many, I prefer ChatterEmail instead of Snappermail. I used Snappermail on my 600 and switched to Chatter on my 650. True asynchronous push email is the way to go on a mobile device and Chatteremail is the leader there.
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    Chatter for me too. The 'push' on all my IMAP accounts is awesome.
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    I prefer Snappermail since I can access pop and IMAP accounts in a simple interface on a program that never has caused a reset nor been unstable on my 650. Before I got Snappermail, Versamail caused all kinds of resets and other problems. I also felt it was a bit much to pay, but I can honestly say that not having to deal with versamail has made the 650 a far more enjoyable experience.

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