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    I bought a Verizon Treo 650 last week and the crashing has been a complete disaster. Wireless Sync simply does not work. I've read posts on this site and Chattemail seems to be a popular option. But it seems to require our IT guy to turn on IMAP for the Exchange server. I asked him to do that and to email me the server name and he responded:

    "IMAPI is strongly not recommended ands frowned upon on the email industry due to poor security protocols. If you still want me to enable this, let me know, but keep in mind you will be exploiting the network at this point."

    (1) How would more knowledgeable techies on this site respond?

    (2) If I can't get the IT guy to do IMAP, what is the next best solution that is totally within my control?
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    eliasek - You should ask him to enable IMAPS (IMAP via SSL); there's no reason at all why it would be any less secure than POP3 or OWA, for example.

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    IMAP is actually more secure than OWA when wrapped over SSL. He can use a self-signed server certificate and only allow IMAP-SSL on TCP 993. It sounds like your IT Guy doesn't know much.
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    I use IMAP with SSL, can't say it's any less secure than, *gasp*, POP3.

    Email your IT guy this thread
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    Yeah, point him a link here. I'd love to hear how one plain-text protocol is less secure than another plain-text protocol, and how wrapping one or the other over SSL isn't acceptable.

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