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    So yeah we know the Treo Wireless Headset works from meh to excellent with the treo 650. Also we know that headsets by other companies work alright to excellent.

    Now how does the TWH perform with other phones other than the Treo. My friend at Laptop Magazine/MobileBurn said when he used it with his SE V800 (that or the Z800 i cant remember) it preformed flawlessly. But that was one unit, what about from you guys. The last thing I want to hear is that headset works great with the 650 and terrible with others, I hate properitary functionality (i think thats a word, basically a product that will work only with one device and no others)

    thanks guys
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    I've used mine with a Jabra A210 on a non-BT phone as well as an LG PM-325... both worked very well.
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    That's a great question, hofo_mofo! In fact, I was just asked for a recommendation on a BT headset by someone not using a Treo. I immediately recommended the TWH, but I have never used it with another phone.

    Can anyone else chime in with their experiences?!?
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    i use the nokia HS-21W, it's wonderful!!!!!
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