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    I use an Access database on my desktop for tracking correspondence, task assignments, and for logging activities. These items are in 3 tables subordinate in one-to-many relationships to a top-level table with general task information. I'd like to share all this info between my desktop and Visor. I have been using HanDBase very useful for relatively simple databases, but have found synchronizing with my more elaborate Access database to be awkward. Therefore, I'm considering using Pendragon Forms.

    Does anyone have any experience using Pendragon Forms to share database content between their PDA and desktop?
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    The link is to a thread regarding ThinkDB. I'd given the trial version a look awhile back, but didn't like it. It is prettier than HanDBase, but not as easy to use, IMHO. In ThinkDB, I had a bit of trouble trying to set up tables and relationships as I'd like, and wasn't able to integrate with Access particularly well. Of course, could have just been user incompetence...
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    Pendragon Forms is probably the easiest database to set up and use for the Palm OS. All database creation is done inside of Access and then transfers to the handheld.

    We are using it extensively for data collection in a laboratory environment and also starting to roll out forms that just provide information.

    Pendragon Software has an evaluation version available at

    Randy Wilkins
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    Pendragon Forms seems way overpriced at $149 as a product for the individual.
    And the distribution ToolKit is close to $1,000.

    Agree that ThinkDB is somewhat rough around the edges in relational design and would be alot nicer if it interfaced directly with Access. This is something they have in mind for a future release. Also data encryption.

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    Hopefully, in my case, price won't be a problem: I'm trying to get my employer to buy it. As I understand it, the price per license drops as you add more users. Given that there are several other folks around here that are interested, the cost per license may be much more reasonable.
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    User license per user after initial investment is ~$45. ?Networking is built in and works wonderfully. More than one person can be assigned to a database and can update the master database from their handheld. Pendragon is designed as a desktop database with a very user friendly and easy to use handheld interface. It had to be designed with the corporate user in mind.

    Randy Wilkins
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    Above posts point to a very EXCELLENT corporate product. Especially with networking builtin - not a simple task. With that in mind, the $149 is not out of line for this type of product.
    Would like to see the company develop a single user product (without the networking support) priced around $25. I think then that they would enjoy a high volume of sales to the individual.

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    Networking support is not the only thing that makes this a high end product. It has full scripting support, signature capture, and also bar code reader support. The ability to lock forms once they have been input into the handheld is also a nice feature. So this was really developed to be a high end database product.

    Randy Wilkins

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