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    i've only found this product on two sites: (in stock) (pre-order)

    covertec doesn't even list this case on their own product site?!

    anyone have it? what do you like and dislike about it?

    i'm looking for a flip case with a belt clip that i can rachet to the horizontal position with the slimmest thickness. any other recommendations?

    if i can't find anything, the next runner up is the covertec horizontal pouch case with egrips...

    thanks in advance for any insight!
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    I would look at the cases from Sena - much better quality, very nice finish and fit. The belt clip has a graduated set of stops inside, holding the case at the angle or position you want.
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    The case is in stock in the Treo Central store albiet at $10 more than the other two sites.

    However, the case flips up, not down like the Sena and therefore is a very different case than that one.
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    Covertec magnetic closure is VERY loose. I will never buy a Covertec case again after my Treo fell out of a horisontal Covertec case.

    Now I love my Nutshell case. Fits ny use perfectly
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    How's the quality of the belt clip on the sena flip case?? It's hard to find a case with a good, quality belt clip dont wont break and/or become loose.

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