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    Just yesterday, my Treo started randomly powering down and resetting itself. I've looked at the forums at PalmOne and found a couple solutions that did not work for me including loading an handheld antivirus program (nothing came up in the scan), deleting the SMS Quicklist using FileZ and generally reviewing my settings. It is not consistent though, sometimes it will happen completely on its own, and other times, if I try to access SMS, I will notice it "importing SMS messages" (see the status bar and message come up) then it restarts.

    Prior to this, I have had no problems at all. I have a 128MB SIM Card, run SnapperMail and KeySuite (Chapura). I also have Symantec A/V for handhelds as of yesterday.

    Would really appreciate any help as it's getting less usable by the hour. Thanks!
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    Same thing just happened to me - you need the Treo 600 Updater 1.11 (Verizon Wireless) - here's the link

    This should work
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    Thanks for the info.

    I had actually executed a hard reset, saw that not work, and did the Updater and a general software updates and have not had a problem since doing so. I'll be sure to post if it falters.

    Thanks again!

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