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    Have new Verizon 650. When used with a new Motarola H820 headset, and the phone is on the other side of my body (even in my back pockets), I get severe static and even dropped BT connections.

    Same problem with Sony-Erricson HBH-660, so either my body has properties that interfere with the RF signal (no, I have not been ingesting lithium), or my 650's BT is incapable of penetrating the human body to connect to ANY BT headset.

    VZW rep tells me there is no known issue.

    Anyone else have this problem? Or do I have a defective phone ripe for an exchange?? HELP!

    P.S. The battery meter on the 660 headset is a great feature. Caller ID display is great too if the phone is out of view (pocket, briefcase, etc.)
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    I have observed the same affect with a GSM 650 and other BT headsets. But I noticed the same affect to a lesser extent with a Nokia 6820, too. Reality is that it doesn't make much to create interference on a BT link.
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    It may be an issue with your specific Treo 650. I had a Treo 650 that had noticeably worse BT than another....My current one (Sprint 650) has no static problems with the Treo Headset or the Sony HBH-660.
    If you're having problems getting it replaced, maybe ask to test the call quality on another 650 in the store?
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    What you report is a weakness of bluetooth technology. The radio waves don't pass through a human body. THe BT range is 10 meters ( line of sight). Place your body between the two devices and the range drops to zero. The exception is inside a car or indoors where the radio waves bounce off the car windows or the room walls. I use a BT gps unit with my Treo 650 and have seen a dropped signal when I carry the bps unit on my rear hip and the Treo in my hand in front of me.
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    i have noticed that i hear the static and crackeling but the caller on the other end does not. So I just live with it. I like life without the wire.
    Mike G

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    Palm has a Bluetooth support article that states:
    Distance & interference
    Keep the headset within 8 to 10 feet (2.4 to 3 meters) of the smartphone.

    Make sure there are no solid objects, such as walls or furniture, between your Bluetooth wireless headset and your smartphone.

    Keep your Treo smartphone on the same side of your body as the Bluetooth wireless headset.

    If you are in an area with a large amount of radio interference from other devices (Wi-Fi devices or access points, other Bluetooth wireless devices, or microwave ovens), the connection and audio on your Bluetooth wireless headset may degrade.
    While the Treo's BT may not be as good as we would hope, there's plenty of other factors that can affect its performance.
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    I guess the home wifi network is what is causing my static at home. That is where I use the BT headset the most.
    Mike G

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    Thank you all for your replies.

    I switched out the phone and used 3 different headsts. No luck!

    I went to a few VZW stores to test my headset with one of thier 650s, but none of the boneheads carry one! (Please ask a rep to test this phenomenon next time you encounter one in a store, and then report back your findings here.)

    Even if my Tero is worn on my belt geek-style, it can't face horizontal or else!

    oxoxtro600, You are the first I have heard or read to ever definitively state that BT can NOT pentrate the human body. I talked to local and national VZW reps and they play ignorant. You think they'd have other complaints and know exactly to tell customers this is the case, no? You'd also think it would be in the manuals, just like every other manual for electornic devices warns you not to operate around microwaves, etc!!

    Anyone know if I update the Palm firmware I might get better results? I am hesitant to update the firmware just to try, since I keep reading horror stories about synching & pairing problems after the updates. My phone works fine other than the static, and I don't want to disturb a good thing.
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