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    I'm not sure this was covered in the manual because I read it and of course forgot most of it...anyways I have noticed many times dialing my voicemail on Rogers Canada when I go to type the password it doesnt always work and I get half tones or have to press the button more than once, here's how to solve this and have it automatically enter your password.

    **Note however if you ever lose your phone someone could possibly get your voicemail password, however by then you would have locked your account/voicemail...right!

    1)When I got my unlocked GSM by default voicemail was set on my SIM and I hold "1" to access voicemail

    2)Go to this button favorite for Voicemail and select "Edit favorites Button" with the menu button.

    3)Of course you see your voicemail number, on the lower right of the screen select the "More" button and where it says "Extra digits" type you password eg; 1234

    4)Select the box that says "Dial extra digits automatically", then press ok

    Now dial your voicemail by holding the "1" key and wait about 3-4 seconds and you will here the DTMF tones for your password being entered.

    This is really handy for me when using a BT headset and have my phone on hip, one tap to unlock the screen and then hold "1" and it dials and enters my voicemail without having to press more keys to enter the pass...and as mentioned on Rogers I am having issues with entering my pass manually, this solves it.

    **Sorry if this was covered in the manual but I have had my Treo for months and never knew this could be done...I suspect others might not be aware of this and I'm just trying to help.
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    A couple of other points to add.

    If your phone needs some extra time before dialing the password, use a , before the digits (you can use multiple if necessary).
    I you need a variable amount of time, uncheck the "Dial extra digits automatically" then after the phone answers, a button shows up on your Treo screen to dial the extra digits when ever you need them.
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    Thanks for the tip. Beautiful and safer driving. You probably save some people today.

    Many thanks,


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