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    so i got my package from treocentral store today and received the seidio cable ... only to find out that my 1gb sandisk ultra ii card is missing

    Its not that big of a deal to replace the card but it had all my family photos, pics of my gf, and videos I took with my treo (no backups)

    I hate how technology is so dang small these days lol.

    Anyways... sorry to waste 1 minute of everyones time.
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    ...but there have been some threads suggesting some programs to alert you when its ejected (besides just covering it with a case or a piece of tape.)
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    Gosh I am sorry - - what a drag. Might I make a suggestion? Look into BlueSync by Blue Squirrel Software. It is a card-backup utility. It backs up the entire contents of your SD card, directories and all, to your desktop computer. Good luck and hope (somehow) it shows up!
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    Dude, all of the stuff on your card sycronizes to the PC. I'd suggest you download Picasa from Google as it organizes all of your photos pretty convienently. It'll find the folder with your photos and make it easy to view the thumbnails etc.
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    I just lost a card too, but mine was because of my short memory

    I bought a leather case from a local wireless store, then ended up returning it two days later because it was designed for the 600 and the hole for the mic in the 650 didn't line up (obviously, the sales rep and I didn't realize this when purchased).

    A couple of days later, I realized I had stashed my Webster's Dictionary / Thesaurus card into the case but never took it out. I called the store, but the thing was already on a truck somewhere. I stuck in down in the bottom of a credit card slot. If nobody ever uses the slot, it will sit there forever. I hope somebody who buys the case will find a nice little extra suprise.

    Sorrey abowt any speling erors; I dont hav my dicsionary kard to chek the wurds

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    im sorry about your loss (you would think it was a funeral or something LOL)

    but im wondering, and too others who lost thier mean i know the only way i eject my card is when i play with it..
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    Backups are your friend. . .
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    I've lost a 512 and a 1gig card... i feel your pain my friend... Now i have the alert with Lightwav so hopefully that will stop my new 1gig from running away with all my backups...

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    mshaw- I just downloaded palmpuke and in addtion to laughing my *** off when ejecting my card, I am convinced as long as I don't have the phone muted ( I have my sounds most of the time so the phone only vibrates when I get a call) I'll not be in the same predicament as peterjun. BTW what is a good way to map a key to the phone to not ring ( and therefore vibrate when getting a call) so as to have sounds enabled otherwise?
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    Nils - this is off topic - but the best way to control sounds (rings and system), vibrate, and many other features is with Milan's Profiles (Freeware), or ProfileCare ($20). ProfileCare has more features - but Milan's Profiles is easy and free.

    Milan's Profiles -

    ProfileCare -
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    I like NotifyMe better. It will viberate and make noise repeatedly, in case you miised it the first time. It's beta (since 2004 .. I think the developer lost interest in it) but works fine.
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    Thanks mshaw and aprasad--sorry for the off topic -- but my Treo can now puke and I'll hopefully not lose an sd card. My sympathies to you peterjun.
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    I always keep a strip of the cheap screen protector over my SD card. You can peel it off easily and even after removing it 100 times it sticks right back on securely.

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