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    It's been a really long week. I downloaded TAKEphONE last week, I do believe I love this program, I also downloaded the 2day plug in. Ok here's where this ***** needs help...SKINS!!!!!!! And yes, I have spent the pass 3-4 days wading through hundreds probably thousands of posts. Previously I had downloaded Skinner 600 to make dialpads for my t600...yeah right, that lasted about 3 days finally I uninstalled the skin maker, it was either that or pull out all my hair...needless to say when it comes to graphics....I SUCK!!! I can do just about anything, but make skins. I downloaded the TP skin maker thinking this might work better...yeah right they look horrible!! The skin maker for 2day is hit or miss, I have managed to make a few but some that I have made turned out all black, so back to the forums where I learn that I need to change from 24bit to 256, which I did but it messed up the color really bad. I also read somewhere that you need photoshop...well I don't have that,is there any way to get this to work better without that.
    I've come to the conclusion that there needs to be a "Skinner for Dummies" not sure that would help there have been plenty of good instructions on this forum, but I swear my brain just cannot figure it out. If anyone knows of where I can get instructions for the "skinner challengened" please point me in the right direction.
    Sorry for this being so long
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    Thanks, I'd already downloaded the silk, USA, and cars. I also have the silver red glass. I love changing skins according to my mood, day, holiday or just whatever.
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