Got my Sandisk 1GB Ultra II card today.
- Formatted it in my Treo 650
- put it in my USB Card Reader
- Copied over TCPMP .prc files in to /Palm/Launcher folder
- put an .avi and a .wmv file on the root folder of the card...
- after that Windows Explorer hung for awhile, so did End Task.

Now, I am able to view the files that are on the SD Card in both Windows and FileZ (but can't delete them or add new files) and the Treo shows that TCPMP is on the card but won't open it... and when I try to Format the card again, it just quickly flashes, "format failed" ... can't format it from Windows either.


100 bucks for this card and in less than 5 minutes it has become unusable.

are there any SD Card utilities out there that I can try? I've looked but just not finding anything right off.

btw, i have tried toggling it back and forth to Locked and unlocked.