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    I did a search for this and couldnt find a match so if there is a thread on this please direct me to it.

    I have Zlauncher as my laucher. Couple of times a week I lose the catagories I set up. Such as putting the phone Icon into the PHONE folder. they will all go back to unfiled and i have to use backupman to restore the ZLauncer DB and it is all fixed. Seems to happen after a reset, when I finnish using the phone or Snappermail.

    Anyone have any ideas about this issue.

    Thank you
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    i had this issue to i cant say i figured out what was causing it, but i have since removed snappermail and done a hard reset, so far, 2 weeks, so good.
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    So your saying that you dont use snappermail anymore?

    Snappermail caues the problem for me but so does reseting the device and shutting the phone off. I dont think its just snappermail alone causing the problem but glad it fixed your issues.

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