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    I visit a site often from my T650 that has radar loop images of a certain area. When I click the loop link, I receive a message from the website that says "Java must be enabled for the radar loops to display."

    Am I able to have this capability on the T650? If so, how?
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    nope... no support for java applets
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    The following link is to a weather site that has time-lapse images for clouds & rain patterns that works good on my T650. Make sure to switch to wide screen mode as discussed in the thread. All areas of the country are covered.

    Let's us know if this is what you were looking for.
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    Why am I getting the message? In Blazer Options 'Disable Java' is not checked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric
    Why am I getting the message? In Blazer Options 'Disable Java' is not checked.

    That is Javascript!! Completely different from Java. Read the following for more thorough explanation:
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    sigh. Fortunately netscape's browser bit the dust and can't hurt anyone anymore. But I fear the java/javascript confusion they created will never die...

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