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    I seem to be having trouble connecting to AOL today (I am sync every 15 minutes). My battery is now down to nothing (usually I end the day at about 75%) and I am having trouble turning off the Treo during the day. It seems Chatter is desperately trying to connect but doesn't quite get in and then sits in a power eating "limbo".

    Anyone having the same problem today?
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    You might send a log...

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    Thanks Marc. I will give it a try again tomorrow and then send a log if I am having similar problems... Thought everybody might be having one of those "AOL days" but I guess just me...

    Thanks again.
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    Just sent you a log tonight (11:15pm). I was unable to send it to you on AOL, sent via POP account. Seem to be having trouble in and out with AOL...

    Thanks for taking a look...
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    Tried to delete a folder from I couldn't get it done. I called AOL and they said that part of the server is down. I believe that is where my problem is. AOL said they are "working on it and will fix it asap" but could not tell me when....

    ...then they tried to sell me a subscription to a magazine

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