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    My new Treo 600 is about 15 days old and I love it except, calls I recieve on the phone at times are choppy. It's not signal strength which shows very high. And unlikely to be the network as my wifes phone is also T-Mobile and hers always sounds great.

    The choppy sound is intermittent and happens in a great variety of locations (reducing the chance that it is a network issue in my opinion)

    The choppy sound happens both when using it as a speaker phone and normal. I have yet to try and test to see if using the ear piece makes a difference.

    Any advice is appriciated.


    Turns out that the problem is probably software related, a hard reset before putting on software apps eliminates the problem. Putting the apps back on and the problem resurfaces.

    I am reluctant to go through each software one by one to figure out the offender but I think its the only way to go.

    Right now I think the biggest cuprit is probably either my Butler application or my Graffiti Anywhere, those are the only two apps on my phone at the moment that I think are configured to run in the background constantly.
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