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    What's out there for the Visor Deluxe?
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    ThinkDB from
    It also interfaces with Access on the desktop.
    Abilities include assigning a password on a table, nice forms designer, relating tables to one another.
    Downside is that it doesn't sync directly with Access, only the DeskTop ThinkDB. However, you can Export/Import from the ThinkDB Desktop to Access. They provide an interface that replaces haveing to export to *.txt, *.csv, etc. Works great.
    Doesn't have all the neat programming tools that access has such as queries, Reports, VBA code. Can export records to a notepad. You can also beam data to another PDA.
    They have a trial download.

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    Got it!

    BTW I : I use AppleWorks & FileMaker Pro.

    BTW II: The manual for ThinkDB is in PDF and is FREE, whether you bought the program or not.

    So, try the demo, grab the manual, and you might find another way of structuring data.

    Great program.
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    I use HanDBase. I'm using it as a flat file database, but you can have relational fields. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. I find it really useful.

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