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    Maybe this should be a sticky...

    The reason why I started this thread: It seems that becuase of mishaps, people are either hotsynching, re-hotsynchong, using FileZ or some oher app to beam apps and their databases from one device to another or some other similar scenario. This process might even be more complicated, dependong on which version of the app installed on these devices. (same vs. different)

    Thing is, in theory, do most people have snags when doing this or are clean installs needed, depending on the app?

    For example, I believe SnapperMail has a particular way of using its database files--and extensions--in order to move e-mails from RAM to a SD card.

    Here are my particular questions:

    After having to do a hard rest on my T650, including getting a new HotSynch ID (ugh), I discovered the following:

    + My SplashID database did not carry over, but it still resides on my T600. Thing is, I have the latest version of Splash ID on my T650, whilst my T600 has an older version. Oh, and my Treos have 2 different hotsynch IDs! Is it possible to use FileZ and beam my
    "SplashIDDB" file from my T600 to T650 without screwing things up? Or am I SOL and have to manually re-type everything in?

    +Same thing with the categories of my Palm OEM notepad and contacts...they didn't make it to the TG650 when I re-installed/synched. I realize this I'll have to re-do by hand.

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    why would this be a sticky????
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    'cause alot of people seem to have problems with their data!

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