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    I am a newbie with a brand new 650 with Goodlink running. While I can send jpeg photo files by MMS, I cannot send any video files.

    I kept getting (something like) "Your IT Admin has disabled this function." My IT guy is clueless on this.

    Any clue?

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    What are you sending it with? Email?
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    Thanks. I have been trying to send it with emails. In other words, I select

    Multimedia menu >>>> select Media >>>>>>> highlight/select a video >>>>>> and click on the "mail" icon (envelop).

    I keep getting

    "Please check you have a default email application which supports attachments."

    My default email application is set as "Goodlink."

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    The current version of GoodLink does not support emailing attachments.

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