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    I am a first time Treo user (and any sort of PDA for that matter) and I am setting up VersaMail for the first time. I have entered all of my information but when I am Testing My Settings, the first three tests complete but it fails to send the test message.

    I am setting up a Yahoo! Plus business email account and I currently use SBC as my provider. Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!
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    Don't know about your specific account; but to send a message for my Comcast account I have to go to the advance settings and check the use authentication (ESMTP) and enter my normal Username and Password. I only mention it, because you wouldn't normally thing you would be "required" to go into an advanced tab to get things to work. Good luck - great phone!
    Using my Pre to help run:

    Sharp Zaurus->HP Jornada->Sony Clie T615->Treo 650 (CDMA)->Treo 755p->Palm Pre (Disappointed) -> Iphone4 (Happy)

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