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    Installed Profiles 1.01 and it seems awesome software. But for the life of me cannot get triggers to work. I know enough people use it that it is probably my config and not software, but is there something I am missing? I created a few profiles and trying to switch profile based on plugged in event - I created the event but it is not triggering. I can switch profiles manually though.

    Also, is there an event for Car Kit that is different from plugged in? Would be nice to have a special profile while 600 is in the car cradle vs regular plugged in. Would be nice to have a special trigger for it (assuming I can get triggers to work)

    Thanks in advance.
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    I recently installed Profiles on my Treo and had the same problem. What you have to do is activate the switcher dialog menu--on mine it comes up when you press and hold the Option key, you can configure this in Preferences for Profiles in Prefs. When the switcher menu is activated, there's a small box in the lower right corner marked S. Check it and profile switching by triggers will be enabled.

    Hope this helps!

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