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    As a general practise, I am trying to avoid accepting internet cookies. However, I have an account with Avant Go and I don't know whether I need to accept their cookies to receive updates when I hot-sync. Does the visor contain all the relevant information or does my browser need Avant Go cookies? Thanks for any advice . . .
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    Why are you avoiding cookies? They really aren't a big deal. They CAN be problematic, but coming from a site like Avant Go, there really isn't any reason not to accept them.

    Regardless, I think that most of the transactions happen between the AvantGo conduit and the AvantGo server. Once you sign up for AvantGo, you really don't need to go back to the web site at all (except to add new channels).

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    I guess I'm avoiding cookies because I don't like the idea of someone (corporation or person) knowing exactly what articles I read, what sites I visit, etc. To me it's almost the same as if someone was following me around in the real world writing down exactly what I did at the library or at the mall -- a little spooky for my tastes! I know that Avant Go is a trustworthy site, but still . . . .

    Anyway, thanks for the advice!
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    In order to use AvantGo's channel manager one does have to accept cookies. However session level cookies is sufficient. (I normally run my browser with stored cookies disabled, and session cookies enabled, until I run into a sight that needs the stored cookies.) When Hotsync'ng, your browser settings have nothing to do with it. However, the Avango application is now basically your browser, and it does not give you any control over its cookies, other than to clear them. Also based off of some other posts (I do not know if this is true, or just supposition) Avango is able to track what pages in your channels you actually visit.
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    Cookies are a victim of media hype. They were designed to save preferences. This site, for instance. Everytime I visit, it remembers my password and username and can check to see what messages are new since my last visit. I LIKE that feature.

    Cookies CAN be exploited...mainly due to the fact that some browsers allow cookies to be read by sites that DID NOT set the cookie. If you have the latest browsers, you should be OK.

    DoubleClick got in trouble by having sites with their ads set cookies for them. This was wrong, IMHO, but, there never really was a breach of security or anything.

    A good site to go to is:

    Bottom line, for the most part, cookies are harmless. In a few cases, they can be exploited, but, as long as you watch what you are doing, you really have nothing to fear.

    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne

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