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    Hey, I just posted a HOWTO for keeping your headphone adaptor from getting lost. Come check it out:

    treo 650 headphone adaptor leash
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    Is the Treo 650 supposed to come with a headphone adapter? Mine never did ....

    Kind of dissapointing when you buy a $700 phone and you don't even get a cheap plastic docking cradle or a cheap headphone adapter.
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    Why not just leave plug adapter on headphones you use on the Treo ?

    Most of use have numerous we use, just dedicate a common sense.
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    Palm should do a survey to see what percentage of the time people use a headphone adapter with the 650 versus what percentage of the time they plug a native sub-mini plug in without a headphone adapter. I know for myself 95% of my headphone usage with the 650 requires an adapter (audio listening). It seems like they should make the plug socket the size that most people need most often, and only make you use an adapter for the exception case. In my case, at least, they have this backwards in the current version of the phone.

    I imagine their rationale was they wanted people to view the 650 as primarily a phone (which uses a sub-mini headset/microphone plug) versus primarily a media device (which uses a standard stereo headphone plug). However, with a BT headset, there is no need for a phone style jack, just for a media style jack.
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    You guys still didn't answer my question.

    Is the Treo supposed to come with an adapter? Or are you just supposed to buy it yourself?
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    Buy it yourself -- cheap at Treocentral store.

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