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    I have this problem with my new Treo 650 (2 weeks old). Last week, while roaming in the UK, and only towards the end of my trip, the phone would switch itself off without any user intervention. Even if I left it sitting on a table, untouched, it would happen. The length of time between switching on and it switching itself off followed no pattern. Sometimes, a gentle knock whilst being carried in a trouser pocket would be enough to do it.

    Returning to my home country, everything was fine for a few days, but now it has started here too, although nowhere near as frequent.

    Anyone out there got any ideas? Otherwise, I'll have to go back to the 2 lump solution (T3 and Nokia)

    I do have network time enabled if that is of any use.
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    There have been several threads about this. Most likely reason is a loose SIM card. Some have solve the problem by putting a piece of paper under the SIM so it makes better contact.
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

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