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    My office uses an ever rotating group of laptops that are available to those who travel. As a result, I usually never wind up with the same laptop twice (and often have to grab one running out the door). I wanted to use PDANet with whatever laptop I grabbed so I came up with the following solution:

    1) Use Card Export II to keep a copy of PDANet on your SD card (it's about 1.7 MBs). Also, I went to the Palm developer site and got a copy of the Palm Desktop (necessary to run PDANet, but not Card Export). Also put this on the card (big file - about 170MBs - question regarding this below).

    2) Connect Treo to laptop using Card Export. Transfer Palm Desktop and PDANet to laptop (takes about 10 minutes)

    3) Install Palm Desktop. Install PDANet.

    4) Surf!

    My question, to those in the know, is whether I can reduce the size of the Palm Desktop file. It comes in a zipped file of 170MBs. However if you open it, you will see a subfolder called "Palm Desktop", which is only about 77MBs. I am wondering if this subfolder is all I need to install the Palm Desktop and the remainder is junk (e.g. extra Palm addon programs, etc.). Anyone know the answer?
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    Your wondering sounds plausible. What are the file names in the other subfolders? Worst case scenario: test the 77mb solution in a non-critical environment -- or at least have the 170mb solution close at hand!!
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    There is a "Data" folder which contains files "Menu_.bah"; there is an "English" file that contains three subfolders: "Essential Software" (mostly useless add-ons), "Helpnote" (manuals) and "PostInstall"

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