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    Anyone have a good experience with a non OEM folding keyboard?

    I am looking for a model that will work with both the 600 & 650.

    Any feedback on the folding keyboards in general?

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    I own both the thinkoutside ultra thin (Tungsten T...before the new universal connector) and the PalmOne Infrared Wireless Keyboard. The P1 IR Keyboard will work with Tungsten Series, T600 and T650. You do have to load the new keyboard software onto the PDA/Smartphones.

    At first glance I was disappointed because it is thicker than my UltraThin. But as far as performance five things stand out:

    1) This is a five row keyboard! Dedicated numbers keys.
    2) It works very well, keys feel good.
    3) It will work with PDAs with IR. It could conceivably work with anything with an IR.
    4) Can use PDA horizontally or vertically.
    5) Keyboard batteries last a long time (several months).

    Problem with Bluetooth is the device has to have Bluetooth and the BT Keyboard App; with connectors the device could change; but with IR it is software only (unless they change the IR LED on the PDA really bad).
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    I use the palm IR wireless and am quite happy with it.
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