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    Everything is turned off including the wireless mode, but my Treo mysteriously turns itself on with screen glaring. This has happened on numerous occasions while leaving it on my bedstand or while in the cradle. I go to turn it off, and with a slight jar (without touching any of the buttons or touch screen) the unit lights up again. Needless to say, it is a drain on my battery. Any suggestions? Should I call Palm? My unit is just short of a year old.

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    My Treo 600 does that too, at precisely 3:20 AM (Pacific) every night. I have had 3 treos replaced under warranty (due to misc. issues) and every single one of them did it. I am waiting for my 4th treo since this one is dead too - it has pretty much all the problems being discussed here since last week (slow response, calls dropping, no reception, red light blinking every couple seconds, reboot on incoming calls....)

    Not sure if I can say it here - Cant wait to get my hands on Motorola MPX once its out.
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    They all come on as described; however, mine never has a had a problem doing so. Normally if the Treo comes on, an application is attempting to activate itself or perform a function in the "background."
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    My 600 will turn on and off intermittingly if I have freedom running AND I have my BT dongle plugged into the audio jack. Other than problems.
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