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    My touchscreen stops working after being on a call sometimes. It takes about 15 minutes before it starts working again. I do not have the auto keyguard or disable touchscreen functions on. I know my Treo is not crashed because I can use the keyboard, just not the touchscreen. Any ideas?
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    Do a search as this has been discussed multiple times. Typically dirt gets near an edge. Run you fingernail around edge of display.
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    Do you have Snapper by any chance, I was having the same problems and it stopped after removing Snapper.
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    Actually I am not running Snapper, but am running Goodlink and I wonder whether there is some relationship there. I will check for the dirt problem too, but is seems repeatable, like if I am on a call, and a second call comes in, and I take it, then the touchscreen is disabled for a while... If it was dirt, why would it always come back...
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    I have read in another thread where a piece of paper or dirt or the screen protector gets between the case and the screen -- making the screen think it is being touched -- therefore "disabling" all further touches.

    I am not saying this is the case with yours -- but a thought is -- if something like this is your problem -- maybe the heat from a phone call (hand and face around the Treo) causes something to expand just enough to create the "touching" and then it goes away after a cool down period. This would be one way to explain the on and off nature of your problem.

    It's a SWAG, but I thought I would throw it out here.

    Hope you find a solution.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I am running GoodLink and am experiencing the same screen issue. I've narrowed it down to GL by doing a hard reset and reinstalling all apps one by one. When it has happened, I will do a soft reset and that gets things working again.

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